When you visit Villa Gelosa, Porto Cervo in the heart of the famous Emerald Coast you are stepping out of life for a moment. Enter the chic interiors and take your space on a terrace bed and soak up the view of Cala di Volpe, the famous bay and home to the finest hotel in Italy. 

Walk to the beach along the secret path of the adjacent golf course. Take a picnic or eat at David and Claudia’s cafe on Pevero beach. Be spoiled by Domenica’s Sardinian cuisine and take boat excursions with Sergio on Spicy Tuna to the secret coves and bays accessible only by sea. Dive into the translucent waters and swim to a beach to soak up the vitamin D. If you want to go out to take in the famous shops of Porto Cervo or eat at a celebrated restaurant or intimate trattoria…it’s all on your doorstep

Enjoy xxx